Group Members

SQWV Group Memberships

At the recent meeting of the SQWV Board it was agreed that there should be a new category of membership applicable for groups, provided that they meet the following criteria:

  • A Group should consist of 5 or more estates (an estate may have more than 1 larder)
  • In an island situation or deer management group where there is sharing of a group facility (larder/chiller).
  • All to be supplying the same outlet.
  • All can be assessed at the same time (on the same or consecutive days).

If meeting these criteria a discount of 25% on the standard membership fee is applicable for the group members.

Each Estate will be treated as an individual within the group.  They will be required to complete their own application form and should pay the membership fee applicable to their own cull numbers.  They will also be assessed individually, and receive their own membership number and certificate.  Thus, should anyone withdraw from the scheme and/or the group, the remainder will not be affected, unless reduces the membership number below 5. There should however be a group coordinator/point of contact to help with admin etc.

You can apply for a group membership by using the “Group Membership Application Form” available for download via the Acoura Knowledge Centre.